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Justin Ledford could be scam scamming you.
There is a Thief among us.

Justin, write an email and tell me your side of this story. I will post it, without any editing. Please show me how I am wrong. Or better yet, want to do a zoom?

This page is updated about once an hour, and is set to be picked up by google robots in the next day or two. Hope we can get the highest rank. If you are worried about whether or not you should do business with Justin Ledford or Flagstone Roofing, this is probably the place to be cause he could potentially be a scammer.

Update 9/27 Absolute proof of Justin Ledford Stealing my property and re-branding it.

Justin says my “Bidtrakker” report is his “Bidfinder” tool

Update 9/27 Justin claims Teddy Roosevelt invented government construction. Spoiler, he didn’t.

Update 9/27 Walls are closing in Justin, people on the list are reaching out and emailing evidence.

Update 9/27: The video evidence regarding Bud Barrier has been uploaded and shown below. Justin stole a video interview that I own and re-edited it to make it sound like the interview was for Federal Construction University and then posted it on the internet.

Update 9/26: Dmitry Lipinskiy has responded and invited Doug and I to do a podcast to his 60,000 subscribers. Thank you Dmitry.

Update 9/26/22: So I just bought a burner number and texted Justin to see what he is telling other people on the list below, this exchange is 9/26/22:

It appears that Justin is blowing off the potential person expressing concern that their business could be tarnished by being associated with him. I would like to comment on this exchange. I am not a bully and not obsessed with him either. He appears to act like he does not know me, more Bullshit. While he may think you can just scam people out of their money, Doug and I worked hand in hand with over three hundred contractors and generated a Billion in contract awards over the past 10 years. Including Justin. This page is an effort to notify as many people as possible that Justin Ledford is not to be trusted. He is even lying to those that supposedly trusted him. And this should be published.

Dmitry, I am trying to get your attention, you were a student at our GCExperts Workshop, would you consider an investigative story into this page?

Justin Ledford, you lying THIEF! This video will be changed out as I video edit and get all the proof in. Rest assured I have plenty.

This is what Sean Reitmeyer says in 2019

This is what Justin says in 2022

The reason he gets stuck is he paid someone to transcribe the life I lived, the pain I suffered to create great content for our clients. He’s reading my words from a teleprompter. Please help me snuff this guy off the internet. Do not do business with him.
Justin’s testimonial video after he cell phone recorded our three day workshop.

Hi, My name is Sean Reitmeyer and my father Doug and I are the creators of Government Construction Experts.  Let’s just start with Justin Ledford the owner of Flagstone Roofing is a liar and a thief.  And this site is an attempt to bring his lies and mis-directions to light.  In March of 2019 Justin Ledford attended the GCExperts Workshop in Austin TX, a three day event that teaches people in the construction industry, the opportunities that exist in the federal construction market.  The Workshop is based primarily on the careers of Doug Reitmeyer and Sean Reitmeyer who have combined performed over 1,000 federal construction contracts that generated over $1 Billion dollars in revenue.  Over four decades of experience bidding, buying out, and performing federal contracts is disseminated to our clients, all the scripts, tools, templates and technology that we developed to help clients exceed in the federal market.

Want proof he recorded it? In the settlement last year, he “said” and provided video of him deleting the recordings of our workshop. Clearly he then went and un-deleted them. The two voices you will hear are Doug’s recording then Justin making sure he does not delete his own voice recording. Also, briefly you will see an email and I will show it later as proof where his wife Sara tries to get as part of the settlement agreement, no disparaging comments from me. I will show that I said “Fuck you Justin you lying SCUMBAG” and they will never have control over my 1st Amendment right.

There are terms, that are signed by every attendee as you can imagine.  One of the terms that every attendee agrees to is NOT to record in anyway, any part, of the Workshop. Terms at

Again, Justin attended in 2019, here he is in the front row.

Justin’s testimonial video after he cell phone recorded our three day workshop.

Three years later in April of 2021, Justin started a company called “GCMastermind” where he claimed through various social media accounts, and a “Clickfunnels” account that he was a “Government Construction Mastermind” and that he had all the tools, templates, and technology to help people get federal contracts.  The only problem?  Nearly everything he said and or taught were words directly out of Doug and my mouth.  And when I say directly, I mean verbatim.  As in he had a recording of the workshop. And all the “Tools, Templates, and Technology”? All 100% our intellectual property that he stole from the membership section of our website and rebranded for his site.

The concepts that are taught at the GCExperts Workshop are proprietary to Doug and I. We created them.  They are our innovations and intellectual property.  Justin Ledford is not allowed to re-package and re-brand our intellectual property.  I contacted Justin and his attorney, threatened a lawsuit, and even though he had sold three people with his Bullshit last year with “GCMastermind”, there was a settlement agreement, and Justin had to turn over nearly $20,000 to me, and agree not to do this again.  He even sent me a video of him deleting the audio recordings of the workshop. Just go to it is now, ours.

(2021 Settlement where he specifically agrees I own everything, he own’s nothing, and pays me $20K. Agrees not to steal etc)

Can you believe it?  Today, a year later he is claiming yet again, to be an expert in federal government construction. This time calling it “Federal Construction University”.  And to make it worse, when I showed his attorney what he is doing, and that Justin is disseminating our intellectual property that Justin CLEARLY still has recordings on his cell phone, how else can he be creating my exact words into a teleprompter?  The attorney is apparently not stopping Justin, he’s suggesting that I take this site down. Justin breached our agreement, and this website would not exist but for his actions. The repercussions are on him (It has been suggested that I don’t know what the attorney has done or not done). My intellectual property and digital property is still on the internet. And Justin put it there. If the attorney can’t get it off the net, I’m not sure there’s anymore to say about this.

Doug and I are currently preparing a $10 Million dollar intellectual property lawsuit against Justin Ledford.  If you have any evidence as to where on the internet Justin is selling information related to federal construction, 1) Do not invest.  2) Please contact or as we have no idea how many sites Justin is creating revenue from our proprietary intellectual property. To those that have already emailed us, thank you.

The nerve of someone stealing from a small business and re-packaging it as his own.  It is not fair, and we would sincerely appreciate your help.  This website will be updated as often as necessary until every document, story, and other intellectual property has been removed from the internet and all funds created from our content restored to the rightful owners.  Doug and Sean Reitmeyer, the “Real” Government Construction Experts. 

Note to attorneys: in Justin and my previous agreement (above) when he stole our content for GCMastermind, we each agreed that any breach of contract would nullify the contract in it’s entirety. Justin breached the contract in several sections. If anyone thinks they are going to hold me to a breached agreement, I assure you, you will not, and I will vigorously defend the statements on this page as Truth. With evidence.

This website is 1st Amendment Protected Activity. All videos, interviews, were gained with public access. We demand control of the entire collection at as it relates to federal construction. Clips of Justin’s federal construction university on this site are in accordance with fair use. Even though I think he is a complete lying scumbag and everyone else should too, all opinions expressed on this site are my own. – Sean Reitmeyer

Also, Justin, you should know that we have spoken to Bud Barrier, we have the video that you edited to make it sound like he attended Federal Construction University, when in fact, he attended the GCExperts Workshop. And we have the original video where you interviewed him for GCMastermind (My company). Editing that video which is owned by ME, and suggesting that he learned from you IS intellectual property theft and MOREOVER is a LIE! And I have him recorded saying that HE DID NOT infer in anyway that his success in federal construction was in any way attributable to you (this recording will be posted tomorrow). It was in fact us, the GCExperts. And by the way, he has $600K on the books right now and attributes all the new freedom’s in life to Doug and I. And he want’s your edited video taken down.

Original Version which I OWN, it is a GCMastermind Video, I OWN IT.
Justin’s terrible edit adding his voice to say “Federal Construction University” June of 2022
Buds Audio interview on 9/24/22 Where he says “Justin has no substance” There’s nothing there other than helping me fill out a couple forms. Justin, this is a testimonial?

Meta tags are Justin Ledford, Federal Construction University, GCMastermind, Sara Ledford aka Sara Sanchez and the list is growing (scam scammer fraud). Known associations linked below, as I have publications proving the below associations. Please do not do business with someone that is associated with a scumbag cheat.

Last year when I caught him with GCMastermind

Aaron Schwarz

Adam M. Kaminski

Aaron Katerberg:

Ralph Locklear:

Becca Switzer Roof Sales Mastery:

Becca, if you do this, you will likely be named in the lawsuit.

Becca and Justin plan to Launch Federal Construction University together

Kamil Maras:

Marcus Robins

Victor Nino

Bob Hoel

Jen Silver Roofing Utah

Mike Christensen, Peak One Builders:

David Raven: Arbuckle Construction:

Omar Alghali:

Graham Dessert:

Look at Justin’s eyes, he’s lying so fast he doesn’t know where to find the answers.
In the above video Justin lies about the 50K he sold, he stole and sold 20K of GCExperts content, that was recovered in the above settlement. His “membership” program was from our BidTrakker Report (which he stole). is the GENUINE site. Every word you just heard is a lie. He’s describing my life and my dad’s. And oh by the way, if you haven’t launched, how did you get all these “successful clients”. Real people describing real results of our training, can be found at By the way, claiming what you did under GCMastermind is a breach of the contract.

Hunter, you were lied to.

Jonathan Sherwood:

I don’t even know what to say about this:

Johnathan Sherwood:

Justin Stephens:

Kamil Maras:

Matt Nelson:

maurico cardenal :

jon abernathy

Jason Gilmore:

Ricky Southers:

Robby Garcia: RKG

ryan groth sales transformation group:

Ryan Shantz:

Jim Rhubart:

Eric Rice:

Will Kaprelian:

Joe Crane, Crane and Associates

Bradley Gardener

Lee Haight:

Rory Cummins Keller Williams Realty

Dylan Brady Real Estate Thrive new homes